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What We Do

Ambience Productions  are creators of designer and decorative art, hand-crafted photo albums, ambient music, fiction and non-fiction books and writers’ services.  We also regularly conduct various contests and competitions for the arts.


The home of Darren G. Burton, author of fiction and non-fiction books.

Decorative Art

Our art is designed to suit every customer’s individual decor and needs. Browse our Decorative Art  page to peruse examples of our work.

Designer Albums

We create hand-crafted, beautiful photo albums for special occasions, or any occasion at all.

Ambient Music

Music designed to ease the mind, body and soul, our first CD, VOYAGE, is an album of timeless ambience. Check out the Ambient Music  page for downloadable song samples and ordering information.

Writer Services

Having your manuscript read and assessed by a professional appraisal service is a major step toward producing that polished and saleable product. We will read and assess your manuscript and give you an honest critique of your work. Our assessment will highlight the good qualities in your writing, as well as pointing out the areas where your manuscript can be improved upon.


Ambience Productions is dedicated to promoting creative talent on a global scale. Through our website and contests we showcase some of this talent and introduce the world to new and emerging artists, photographers and writers.


This page showcases images from photographer Darren G. Burton. All images are high resolution and available for download purchase. See the Photographypage for details.

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